The coronavirus has spread to 70 countries in the world. Around 3 thousand people have died due to coronavirus in China and about 89 thousand people are infected with this virus. Apart from China, many people have died in countries like South Korea, Iran, Italy, America, and France. So far 6 cases have been confirmed in India. The coronavirus is said to have come from animals to humans. Initially, people transitioned from the seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, China. No effective medicine has been produced so far to avoid the coronavirus, thus avoiding it is the biggest solution.

PM Modi said, take small but important steps for rescue

PM Modi tweeted that no one has to fear. We need to work together. He took small but important steps to protect himself. A comprehensive review of preparations to prevent coronavirus. Different ministries and states are working together. From the screening of people coming to India, medical facilities are being provided soon.

The World Health Organization and many other organizations have proposed specific preventive measures to prevent coronavirus. To avoid this, let’s know what to do and what not to do.


Focus on Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands continuously for cleaning. Wash even if the hands are not dirty. If possible after washing, use a tissue. Keep your hands on your mouth while sneezing and coughing.

Keep Away People Who Are Sneezing And Coughing

It is to be noted that people who are sneezing keep a distance from them. Actually, the symptoms of colds are also due to coronavirus, so when someone is sneezing around you, get away from it and try to cover your mouth.

Put a Mask on Mouth

This is a very common protection. It is generally seen that many people avoid applying the mask on the mouth and they feel troublesome. Given the danger of coronavirus, it is necessary to wear it when you are going outside your house to a crowded place. According to doctors, this reduces the risk of infection significantly. It is recommended to wear a N95 mask.

Keep windows open for fresh air

According to scientists, if we breathe in fresh air by keeping the doors and windows open, then the coronavirus can be avoided. According to Chief Health Scientist Chorth Chuhan in Singapore, coronaviruses do not spread in the fresh air. Try to keep the door windows of your bedroom and guest room open.

Keep avoiding egg and meat

When the coronavirus is spreading across the world, try to keep away from eggs and meat. By doing this you will avoid infection with the coronavirus.

What not to do to avoid the coronavirus

If you have a cough and fever, then keep a distance from people.

– Don’t spit in public places.

– Don’t go to farms, knowing the livestock market.

– Avoid coming in contact with live animals and eating the undercooked meat.

– Avoid where the animal is slaughtered.


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