Top Best MBA Colleges in India 2020 – These days, MBM or the Master of Businesses is the first choice of students for a good job option, but getting admission in No is not an easy task. For MBM, one has to sit the CAT examination and have to bring good numbers, the only admission is given. Due to which many students get frustrated. But we tell you that there are many top MBA colleges – also the top MBA colleges in India, where you are an admission candidate without giving any CAT exam. That is, if your CAT exam is left for some reason then you do not need to be now.

Top Best MBA Colleges in India 2020

Top Best MBA Colleges in India

* Jaipuria Institute of Management

To get admission in this institution, you will have to go through the exam. But if you pass the exam, then from this college you can pursue your career because there are good placement options here.

If you have not been able to pass the CAT exam then you can do MBA from these colleges but one thing we all should remember is that no matter how big an institution is, but your luck and your success is only and only in your hands There is only what you can make.

* Symbiosis International University

Symbiosis International University is one of the top colleges in India with colleges in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Hyderabad, Noida. From here a regular 2-year postgraduate course can be done, as well as this college is also very good in terms of placement.

* IILM Institute for Higher Education

Admission to MBA in this institute is based on the entrance exam. You can appear in any exam like CAT MAT, CIMAT, GMANT. And based on the numbers found in the exam, the course is offered to you by the college.

* National Institute of Management, Calcutta

For admission to the National Institute of Management, students have to take the aptitude tests as well as students’ marks of graduate are also seen.

* Narsee Monjee College Mumbai

Mumbai-based Narsi Munji University is also a better college for MBA where one can get admission to the CAT exam. But here there is a return test and interview. After which the same is available here. Narsi Munji University has several management programs as well as extracurricular activities.

* XLRI – Xavier School of Management

The Xavier Institute is one of the top colleges in the country in management, and many executive programs and doctoral fellows programs are conducted by this institution. Which you can adopt as a career option. But let us tell you that in the Xavier Institute of Management, there is no CAT examination, but admission here is based on the score.

* Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is a well-known college. From this famous college, you can take admission to Master of Business Administration in International Business. And for this, you will not have to take the CAT exam also. Apart from MBA, you can do management development programs, executive programs, and certificate programs from this institute.


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