A desktop computer is a personal computing device designed to fit on top of a typical office desk. It houses the physical hardware that makes a computer run and connects to input devices such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse users interact with. Desktop computers are commonly used in the enterprise, as well as in consumer use cases such as gaming. In the enterprise, they are important because they are the main means for many users to do their jobs. Best Desktop Computer Brands In India

When did the first desktops appear? The first desktop computer was the Hewlett Packard 9100A, introduced in 1968. Since then, there have been many millions of desktop computers released and used throughout the world

As the league of Desktop has seen many new competitors, in case you are planning to buy new Desktop with an affordable price range and maximum benefits and features. We have enlisted the top available options in the range Desktop for Computers, these brands and models are rated as the best by customers over different platform while buying it online or offline. Don’t get confused over the available choices, just sit with a pen to choose the best available option from the list and buy the features filled Desktop Computer.

1. HP Desktop 

Currently HP is the leading desktop compute brand in India. Offering a host of desktop computers to match the needs and requirements of the Indian masses HP has managed to retain the top slot in the Indian market for the last five years. Be it for personal use office or entertainment this multinational brand manufactures a wide variety of desktops. Currently HP holds a 17.8% market share in the Indian desktop market with Dell following it.

The company gives importance to different specification based on the requirement of the customers. The Desktops are available with 500GB ATA hard drive.

Price Rs: INR 35,000

2. Dell Desktop 

Desktop Computer Brands

Dell is among the top desktop brands in India. Counted as one of the most reputed desktop computer manufacturers in the world Dell has made a formidable presence in the Indian computer market over the last few years. company in the field PC and PC based accessories not only in India but across the entire globe. Supporting ‘Make in India’ Dell started its manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu as it started selling its model across Indian state. The top grossing and favorite Dell model in India is the Dell Inspiron With the set up of a new manufacturing unit in Chennai, Dell is all geared up to snatch the top slot from HP. Offering a host of stylish desktops Dell has managed to rule over all segments of the Indian society. In the current scenario Dell has a PC market share of 15.2% in India which is after HP. its also in a list of Best Desktop Computer Brands In India

Price Rs: INR22,350

3. Acer Desktop Computer 

Desktop Computer Brands

Acer Known for its slim desktop models Acer ranks among the top desktop computer brands in India. The latest introduction by the Acer Z5710 is phenomenal. Compact as it is the features of the hardware are absolutely mind boggling. Acer made a modest begging but slowly and steadily managed to grab a respectable position in the Indian desktop PC market. The Acer Aspire IQ 8300B is one of the largest selling models of Acer Desktops in India, the features combined with the model includes 640GB hard drive and TFT 20 and RAM is 3GB. Acer ranges of Desktops are available in range home based computer, office based and gaming based.

Price Rs: INR 27650

4. HCL Desktop Computer 

Desktop Computer Brands

HCL carries high demand and appears as the best available choices ranging in domestic and office based desktops, apart Desktop the company command HCL Desktop with free DOS operating system and relevant system for domestic demands. Some of the appreciable quality or features commanded in HCL Desktops are Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E7500 with spinning speed of 2.93GHz.

Price Rs: INR 25430

5. Compaq Desktop Computer 

Counted among the top desktop computer brands in India, Compaq is known for manufacturing some of the initial IBM PC compatible desktops. its has been a major player of the Indian desktop market for over a decade now. its has featured computer and speaker carries a great demand in the market, the brand name is famous for selling different price range desktop with comparatively low rate than the other brands and highly commendable features. Compaq designs its desktops keeping in mind the affordability and accessibility of the Indian market.

Advantages of Desktop PCs’

  • Most of the IT hardware parts are upgradable.
  • Cheaper option compared to laptops.
  • Easier to repair, since many IT hardware components like CPU, RAM, Audio, Graphics cards etc are separate parts and can be detached for repair.
  • Desktop computers often have more life than laptop computers

Disadvantages of Desktop PCs

  • Heavy to carry and move to another place.
  • Consumes plenty space on your desk.
  • So many cables running into the PC i.e power, video, audio, etc.
  • Must be plugged into power outlet all the time to use.
  • High power Desktop PCs produce noise
  • Needs a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse


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