When it comes to the best mobile racing games, Asphalt’s name comes first in the minds of gamers. But do you know that there are many such Android mobile racing games available on Google Play store at the moment, which are very fun to play and you may not have even heard about them yet? Although there are some mobile games, which have been occupying the top position in the list of best Android racing games for the last few years, there are also some games that are fun to play, but your name in the list of best games Can not do it. In such a situation, if you are a fan of mobile gaming and especially like to play racing games, here we are giving you some good mobile racing games suggestions.


All the games included in this list are not only fun to play but are also available for free on Google Play Store. This list includes many games such as a car, bikes, and water jet ski racing. Let us know that Asphalt 9 and Real Racing 3 were one of the best mobile racing games in 2019. In this list, apart from these two games, we are giving you information about some other good racing games of 2020.

Here are five Best Mobile Racing Games in 2020

best mobile Racing Game
Mario Kart Tour

best mobile racing games – Mario Kart Tour has won first place in the list of Best Mobile Racing Games 2020. You may also have played the Mario game in your childhood. However, Mario Kart Tour is quite different from that Mario arcade game. This year the game produced by Nintendo is gaining immense popularity. This game can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store at no charge. The game is full of adventure. In it, Mario is seated in a cart, racing in which he has to collect the boxes and coins on the way.


This is an Android racing game in which you have to stick as much as possible. In the game, you will face many obstacles, to avoid which you will need a lot of practice. In this, if you are bored with a car, then you can unlock 29 different types of cars through the bottle cap that is collected while racing inside the game.

Thumb drift

The biggest feature of Thumb Drift is that you can play this game with only one hand. The game is designed to be played with one hand. As the name suggests, users can play this game with just one thumb.you have to drift the car with the help of thumb. In this, you have to try to keep the car inside the road and avoid all obstacles coming in the way. In this game also you have to collect coins, with the help of which you can unlock many cars. This mobile racing game can be very useful for you to pass time while traveling in the bus, metro, etc.


best mobile racing games – This is a bike racing game. If you are fond of watching Moto GP racing, then this game will give you the same experience. SBK 16 Game is a racing game inspired by Moto GP. In this game, you have to beat your super bice on the racing track and race with other players. Many popular bike companies have superbikes in the game. It has 4 continents available and consists of 13 rounds.

Riptide GP3: Renegade

Riptide GP3: Renegade is a water jet ski racing game. You must have played a lot of car and bike racing games, but there is no doubt that the repeated game will give you a different experience. It races in water, in which you have to drive off your jet ski. The developers have also added several hurdles to the game to make the game exciting. In this, you can also do stunts with your jet ski.


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