News – Best Indoor Games – The coronavirus has also been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the government has canceled many events so that more people do not gather in one place. People are also avoiding going out on their own to prevent the virus. In such a situation, this situation will be especially challenging for the person who is always active, because it will be difficult to pass his time. If you are also struggling with this problem, then we are telling you some games, by playing, you can make your boring day full of fun too…

Let’s go back to childhood

Best Indoor Games

Best Indoor Games – Remember how you used to play snakes and ladders in childhood? Or carrom board? So just live this childhood again. Do not take this game lightly because even when the big ones go to rum and try to defeat the other, the atmosphere changes and there is a tremendous element of fun in the game as well as competition. Even if you are alone, there is no question of tension. If you want, you can play these games on your mobile.

1. Antakshari

बैठे-बैठे क्या करें, करना है कुछ काम, शुरू करो अंताक्षरी ले के प्रभु का नाम… म… And just with that the fun and fun musical time will begin. Memorizing a song with each letter and then challenging it to sing and another to sing a new song. No matter what atmosphere is created with this game. The best thing is that you can also invite friends along with your family.

2. Dumb Charades

Although many people will know about this game, those who do not know, we are telling them how to play it. Suppose if you want to play dum shards of movie names, then for this, first make slips and then divide into two teams. Now a member of a team will take out the slip and try to explain the name of the movie to other members of his team by hand or by gestures without saying the name of the film written on it. If the team wins the right name, they will get points. The one who gets more points will be the winner. If you want, you can give this game any theme according to you.

3. Truth and Dare

Best Indoor Games – All that is needed is a bottle around which all of you make a circle and sit. Now rotate this bottle and the person on whose side comes to its cap side will ask the opposite side, someone who has to answer the truth, if no one wants to answer, then they will be given a challenge that they will have to complete. During the course of playing this game, especially take care of it that its mood should remain light and neither such questions should be asked nor such dare should be given to anyone who annoys anyone.

4. Karaoke

The game, developed in Japan, has become famous for entertainment worldwide today. In this game, the person pauses to sing the song and entertain others as well. It also comes with a version point, in which the lyrics of the song appear on the screen and the person has to sing the perfect song with music. In this, the person who scores the highest becomes the winner.

5. Balloon Volleyball

Obviously, playing the ball at home means damaging things, because no matter how much control you throw the ball, it is difficult to guess where it will bounce. In this case, use a balloon. Yes, the game will be a little slow but play a volleyball game with this balloon. Believe that playing this game will not be easy but challenging, because it is very difficult to send in the right direction of Balloon at once.



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