Side effects of protein powders – If you do workouts at the gym then you will definitely know about protein powder. Well, many people who love making body and muscles these days use protein powder for protein supplements. If you also get protein powder for building muscle, first know its 5 side effects.


Top 10 side effects of protein powders

1. By taking protein powder after a workout, there is an increase in insulin, thus increasing the insulin regularly causes further damage to health.


2. Those proteins are the most common proteins that most people take. Typically, it takes a workout and a bodied builder in the gym. It is helpful in making muscles, but the way it is prepared, it causes more damage to the body. side effects of protein powders


3. They contain many types of hormones and bioactive peptides in proteins such as powders. Those who take lead to increase the seed production Many studies have found that taking protein supplements can increase the problem of acne.


4. Nutritional imbalance in the body can be obtained by taking protein powder. There is less chance of such a happening by taking natural protein such as eggs, milk, and meat.


5. Many companies contain toxic substances in protein powder. Those who are harmful to the body and taking them may complain of pain in headache, fattygai, constipation and muscle. this also a very harmful side effects of protein powders


6. May Cause Dehydration Research shows that high-protein diets can make one dehydrated. This is one reason people on high-protein diets must drink a lot of water

7. Upset Digestive System The two most popular protein supplements — whey protein and casein protein — are derived from milk. These are rich in lactose, which is a type of sugar naturally found in milk. Therefore, it is not a good choice for those who are lactose intolerant.

8. They destabilize gut microbiota Whey milk is the kind of milk which has concentrated sources of certain compounds. Antibacterial compounds like lactoferrin in whey milk can cause issues for adult gut flora. They can lead to an upset stomach and cause gastrointestinal problems. This also a very harmful side effects of protein powders

9. May Cause Liver Damage. Having a diet of protein supplements, with no carbs, can push the body to the state of ketosis, wherein the body utilizes fat as the primary source of energy. This leads to high blood acidity levels. Consistent high blood acidity is known to impair liver function and may result in severe liver disorders.



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