Republic Day 2020 Essay Ideas: Every year 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day with great fervor and respect throughout the country. 26 January is one of the three important national festivals of India. This is the day when the Republic and the Constitution came into force in India.

This is the reason why this day is also associated with the self-respect and honor of our country. On this day many programs are organized across the country, especially in schools and government offices it is celebrated with great pomp. Besides, speeches, essay writing and many cultural programs are also organized on this occasion.

Republic day Parade

Republic Day 2020 Essay Ideas

Republic Day 2020 Essay Ideas – The Government of India organizes a special event every year in the national capital, New Delhi, in which there is a parade at India Gate. People start gathering at Rajpath in the morning to see this great program. In this, the three forces start their parade from Vijay Chowk in which weapons and weapons are also displayed in various ways. Army bands, NCC cadets and police forces also perform their art through various tunes. In states also, this festival is celebrated in a very spectacular manner in the presence of the Governor.

Glimpse of culture

Republic Day 2020 Essay Ideas

To show the existence of ‘unity in diversity’ after independence in India, different states of the country show their culture, tradition and progress through beautiful tableaux. Folk dances of every state are performed as well as singing and instrumental instruments are played. At the end of the program, flowers of three colors (saffron, white, and green) are showered by the Air Force. Some colorful balloons are released into the sky to demonstrate peace.

You Can Prepare Speeches and Essays on These 10 Topics

Republic Day 2020 Essay Ideas

1. Meaning of Republic
2. It took two years and 11 months to form the Constitution of India
3. Learn the history of Tricolor
4. Indian constitution is the world’s largest written constitution!
5. The first parade was held on Republic Day in 1955
6. The whole constitution was written from Gath
7. Read, the first speech of the nation Dr. Rajendra Prasad
8. Vande Mataram got national song status in 1950
9. Do you know the rules and laws of flag-hoisting
10. When and where the flag can be hoisted by half tilt


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