The update is 247MB in size and includes new weapons, avatars, and modes for PUBG  Season 6, which is expected to commence on March 21.

Millions around the world play PUBG Mobile. In PUBG  Season 6, players would see new weapons like the G36C and vehicles like Tukshai. These new additions would be a replacement to items in different maps. The G36C is exclusive to Vikendi and would replace the SCAR-L. The 5.56mm gun is compatible with attachments like a Laser sight, thumb grips, scope, etc. Tukshai, a three-wheeler vehicle replaces the Jeep, Dacia, and Minibus. The new update will also bring new skin for M762 as seen in the beta version.

In terms of Royale Pass (RP), there will be two ‘Elite Pass’ — The Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. Players who purchase the Plus pass would get additional rewards besides getting 25 ranks.

PUBG  Season 6 will also include Subscriptions with two plans – Prime and Prime Plus. Both plans include free UC, RP points, and daily discounts on crates.


PUBG Season 6 update

Eangel and Miramar will finally be playable in dynamic weather conditions. Previously, Vikendi and Sanhok were the only maps in the game to sport dynamic weather. In the new update, zombies will also be affected, with the undead getting weaker with time. Players would easily be able to kill zombies as the dawn approaches.

improvements include the zombie mode as well. In the next update, zombies would get weaker with time and players can kill them quickly as the dawn arrives. A bug that would not let zombies spawn or enter certain areas has also been fixed.

The new update also includes PUBG’s 1st Anniversary celebration. Following the update, there would be a bunch of ‘birthday surprises’ that include spawned cakes, and birthday parties on spawn islands. Players can collect these to get crates which can be opened post-match.


The complete list of the PUBG Season 6 updates is as follows


Players can now view RP rankings of the entire region and your friends directly from the Royale   Pass page.


Elite Pass Plus purchase now has additional rewards besides instantly gaining 25 ranks.


Weekly challenges now award more points. Point rewards can now be collected with just one tap.


Subscriptions will be available in early April. There are two plans: Prime and Prime Plus. Both come with free daily US, Royale Pass points, daily 80% discount on crates. Benefits from both plans are stackable.


When players don’t win items above a certain quality many times in a row at the Shop, they will earn vouchers instead. Relevant titles and achievements related to bad luck have also been added.


Room Card: 1-Use in Clan Shop has been adjusted to 1 purchase every 10 days. Added a robot avatar to the clan system.


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