The Swedish sensation Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie has been among the most popular YouTubers out therefor nearly five years, with the 105 million subscribers. They reacting to sushant singh rajput.

The first impression of Sushant on anyone is so pure only because he was genuinely great as a person in real. PewDiePie also asked if he should or not to make a video about him.

Today pewdiepie upload a video on his youtube channel. Where pewdiepie talking about sushant singh rajput

Pewdiepie Reacting To Sushant Singh Rajput

He said in the video, “I have seen people talk about it and there was something about Sushant Singh Rajput. It was a university talk about this guy. He seemed like such a good dude, like a genuinely good dude. So people were pointing to nepotism in the industry and then it somehow got in a clash with T-Series and that is why Unsub T-Series got trending. It’s such a shame he decided to end his life. I don’t know everything about him but from what I saw he seemed a really good dude and someone the industry needs. So it’s a huge loss. Rest in peace.”

Pewdiepie Reacting To Sushant Singh

Notably, he is the most subscribed individual on the platform and has the second most subscribed channel, with over 102 million subscribers.

Last year, he made headlines as he competed with Indian music label T-Series to become the No. 1 YouTube channel worldwide. T-Series eventually won the race and became the world’s biggest YouTube channel by reaching 100 million subscribers in May.


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