Mysterious Forest – The forests give oxygen necessary for life. But there are also some forests where life goes dry. See some such mysterious forest.

Mysterious Forest

Mysterious Forest 


Black Forest, Germany

The name of Germany’s Black Fodge Rest is also scary. There are many stories about this in Germany. The stories of ghosts, fairies and many such characters are based on this, but those known for hiking in this part of Southwest Germany describe it as a fun experience. It also in the most Mysterious Forest list

Helarbos Forest, Belgium

Every year in the spring, the soil of this forest is covered with a sheet of flowers. This is a view of purple-blue Belgian flowers, which gives those passing through it a fairy-like feel.It also in the most Mysterious Forest list.

 Goblin Forest, New Zealand

The shining green trees are the specialty of these forests. Since this part of the land rains most of the year, the green moss accumulates on all the trees. This gives the trees a different kind of glow. The most Mysterious Forest.


Rata Forest, New Zealand

This forest is full of trees that have crooked rams with dry stems and branches. There are many hiking routes through this forest. It’s known as the most Mysterious Forest in the world.


 Crooked Forest, Poland

So far, it is not known why the bottom of all the trees in this forest folded in the same way. Pine trees started growing here around 1930. It is believed that trees were planted here only to get naturally bent trees. But no one knows its secret.


Moss Swamp Forest, Romania

Romania is a country with beautiful mountains and forests. But to reach the areas covered with bog moss in the forests here, perhaps some research needs to be done beforehand.


Aokighoro, Japan

These forests are located in the foothills of Mount Fiji in Japan. It is also called the sea of ​​trees because it is a very dense forest. If caution is not taken, any human being can be lost. Pedestrians are instructed to walk through the trees, passing through here. Mysterious Forest


Hoia Forest, Romania

The Hoia-Basiu forest is also called the most sinful forest in the world. The perception about it is the same as that of the Bermuda Triangle. It is also called the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”. If someone has talked about seeing UFOs i.e. beings from other planets, then someone has seen ghosts. In the middle of the forest, there are also stories of a circle where many strange strange things happen.


Ozareta Forest, Spain

The beautiful Gorbea Natural Park is also situated in this forest of Spain. Many ancient trees are found here and the atmosphere is mostly full of mist. This is why this forest seems to be wrapped in a mysterious cover.


Singi Jungle, Madagascar

They are also called spiked forests because this part of the forest has many limestone pointed rocks. They are up to 70 meters high and such geography of these forests makes it one of the most dangerous national forests in the world. (RP / AK)


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