Xiaomi has now launched the Mi Smart Water Purifier and in India. The water purifier has been designed for the Indian audience, with key features like a 7-liter tank made from FDA approved material to store water has been integrating, keeping in mind areas where there are frequent electricity cuts.

Mi Smart Water Purifier

The purifier has a minimalistic white design and is compact taking up as much space on your kitchen wall like a regular A4 sized sheet of paper. The Mi Smart Water Purifier has an E-step purification process, a real-time TDS monitor, and DIY filter-replacement strategy. The Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 has also been launched alongside and it will be up for crowdfunding for Rs. 500.


Mi Smart Water Purifier

  • Name: Mi Smart Water Purifier ( RO+UV)
  • Model: MRB13
  • Product Dimensions: 30cm x 20.7cm x 52.3cm
  • Scope of Use: Local tap water
  • Applicable Water Temperature: 5°C to 38°C
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Yes
  • Purified Water Flow Rate: 0.13L/min.*
  • TDS Reduction: Up to 90%*
  • Input Water Condition
  • Water Pressure: 0.03–0.4MPa
  • TDS: <2000mg/L
  • Hardness: <500mg/L
  • Turbidty: <10NTU
  • Chlorine: <1mg/L
  • pH range: 6.5-8.5
  • Iron Content: <0.3mg/L
  • Rated Voltage: 220–240 V~
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated Power: 42W
  • Anti-shock Protection Type: Class II
  • Net Weight: 6.7kg

Mi Smart Water Purifier

The Mi Smart Purifier comes with real-time monitoring with two built-in TDS sensors – one which sits in the input stage before the water hits the RO stage, and the second sits in the output water tank to measure the filtered water after the five-stage process is complete.

The data collected by these sensors are passed on to the Mi Home app in real-time. The app also gives you a good indication of the filter life across all three cartridges. The Mi Home app also gives you broad stats like the amount of water filtered across months and more.

Starting with the Mi Smart Water Purifier, it is priced in India at Rs. 11,999 and will be available on Mi.com, Flipkart, and Mi Home stores. The purifier will go on sale from September 29 at 12 pm (noon) IST. The filter cartridges will be available for INR 3,997 for the complete set.


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