Mental health facts – There is still very little awareness in India about mental health. Because of this, treatment often starts when the condition worsens. In such a situation, an attempt is made to overcome the patient’s disorder by resorting to more medicines and other remedies. This treatment can be long or life-long.

If the symptoms of mental disorder are identified in the beginning, then it helps the person to be normal and live life like normal people and there is a lot of chance of getting complete recovery. We are telling you about some of the main symptoms like this:

Mental Health Facts

Mental health facts –

  • Feeling sad and unhappy
  • Having trouble focusing on something
  • Too much fear and anxiety
  • Too much mood fluctuations
  • Away from friends and activities
  • Trouble sleeping, feeling tired and loss of energy
  • To get away from reality and to dominate the thinking of imagination and to understand it as realty
  • The trouble facing everyday problems
  • Having trouble understanding the situation of others
  • Taking drugs or excessive alcohol consumption
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Too much anger, breaking things, killing
  • Suicidal thoughts or self-harm

Many times the symptoms of mental disorder also appear physically. The person passing through it has a stomach ache, difficulty in eating, difficulty in motion, backache, headache.

Yoga Tips For Good Mental Health

Mental strength determines inner and outer health. If you are not mentally feeling healthy, you will find yourself upset and engulfed in worries. The most important thing is to love yourself and understand yourself. We cannot judge ourselves from the eyes of others. If you want to keep yourself mentally healthy, then definitely include yoga in your routine. It is very helpful in giving you a healthy life.

By doing regular yoga, your mood is good and you remain positive and ready to deal with the difficulties in life. If you want to move forward in life, it is important to stay positive. If you do yoga regularly, you can stay away from stress. There are problems in everyone’s life, but how to overcome this is in your hands. Have faith in yourself and just keep moving forward.

Mental Health Facts

Let us know how you can remain stress-free through yoga?


With the regular practice of Kapalbhati, you feel relaxed. It helps to keep the mind calm.

Anulom Vilom

It is very important to maintain mental peace for a happy life in which yoga plays an important role. If you practice regularly Anulom Vilom, then you will be in a good mood and you will be positive.


Meditation gives you mental peace, keeps the distracted mind calm. The regular practice of meditation improves emotional stability.

The pronunciation of ‘ॐ’ 
You will feel calm and relaxed when you say ॐ. After the pronunciation of ‘ॐ’, the mind and mind begin to calm down and there is a communication of positivity.
Gives peace to body and mind. Knees and muscles relax. Regular practice of this will help keep you mentally strong and you will remain relaxed.


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