Reliance Jio complimentary entertainment apps have attained a prominent place on our smartphones in the past year. However, like every dirt-cheap service out there, they come with a deceptive catch — a ploy you probably have encountered already, but either couldn’t figure out where it came from or just ignored it by simply pressing the home button. Yes, I’m talking about those random full-screen advertisements which pop up even when a Jioapp is not active in the background on your Android phone. let see how to block them


How to Block Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone

1. Uninstall MyJio, Jio4G Voice, and all other Jioapps.


2. Revoke all permissions of Jioapps. Long press the app icon, press the info button, go to App Permission and uncheck everything. Also turn off the “draw over the apps” permission for Jioapps.


3. For Android Oreo or later, go to Settings > Apps > MyJio and turn off the “App can appear on top” setting. You probably need to do this for every Jioapp on the device.


4. Root the phone and install AdAway, an ad block that uses the hosts’ file to block specific hostnames and IP addresses.


5. Use Greenify to hibernate all the Jioapps and prevent the app from running in the background.


6. Disable ‘Telephone’ access for all Jioapps. Even Jio Mags has default access to ‘Telephone’!


7. Toggle background data to disable data access for all Jio related apps.


8. Unfortunately, none of these suggestions worked.

Meanwhile, the Jio team contacted me after seeing the tweet and asked for the IMEI number of the phone. A week later, I got a call from the Jiosupport team saying that the problem should be resolved.

Yes, I was no longer getting any pop-up ads on my phone despite having all the Jioapps as before. What changed? It turned out, the Jiosupport representative told me, that these ads can only be disabled by Jio for the requested phone number on the server side.



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