How to Protect Your Eyes During Holi Festival – The festival of Holi is just a few days away. This festival celebrated on the full moon day of Phalgun month in India is a day of colors and happiness. Children have great enthusiasm for this day. A variety of delicious dishes are prepared in homes for the occasion of this day.

It is said that on this day, all people should eradicate all grievances and make a new beginning by friendship. This is also the purpose of this festival. This festival is celebrated due to the victory of faith and faith over the ego.

On Holi, everyone plays fiercely with colors and gulal. Obviously, you will also be excited to play it. Brothers and sisters, friends and people of the neighborhood paint each other a lot. Sometimes the color also goes into the eyes, which can also cause a lot of damage to the eyes.

Various types of chemicals and acids are used to prepare the colors. In such a situation, when this color goes into the eyes, there is a great burning sensation and sometimes it also severely damages the pupil of the eye. In such a situation, it is very important to protect the eyes from dangerous colors during the fun of Holi.

How to Protect Your Eyes During Holi Festival

How to Protect Your Eyes During Holi

Today, we are telling you what you can do to protect your eyes from harm if your eyes also inadvertently turn colored.

1. Apply oil or moisturizer around your eye before playing with color, gulal on Holi day. This will make the skin around your eyes moist and at the same time, the color will stick to the eyelids instead of going inside the eyes.

2. Be careful not to scrub the eyes when the color is gone. This can cause great damage to the eyes, as well as irritation. Therefore, if the color goes into the eyes, do not rub it with hands, rather clean it with light hands with a cotton cloth.

3. Before the Holi is over, you should buy eye drops beforehand. There are many such eye drops available in the market, one drop of which can remove the color in your eyes immediately. You can take this eyedrop with the advice of a doctor.

4. If the color goes into the eyes while playing color in Holi, do not wash it immediately with water. Washing the eyes immediately after the gulal is gone can spread color to the retina, which can cause eye light.

5. Do not wear your contact lenses

Contact lenses during Holi are a strict no. In case, if the color does get into the eye, it gets deposited in the contact lenses and can continue to get leached out over time, causing more significant chemical injury. Also, any color on the lenses can stain them forever, which means they will have to be discarded.

6. Do not be foolhardy Remember that the colors you are playing with, even the natural ones, can still cause considerable damage if they get into your eyes. So do not think you are invincible and don’t need to be careful. Always remember to protect your eyes with protective eyewear, either zero power glasses, or sunglasses. It is also prudent to tie your hair back to prevent colored water from dripping into your eyes and to use a scarf or hat to protect your eyes and face.


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