How to get started Facebook blood donation feature
India is a  very supportive country in helping others.
Indian people are very helpful, they do not think anything before helping to people’s
Now let’s talk about the topic

Blood donation camps are Put on in many places in India, where people go and donate blood.
But most people do not know is that were blood donation camp is held.
But after Facebook’s imitative for Facebook blood donation feature.

Facebook can now be easier for you donate blood.
Because Facebook application has recently added a Facebook blood donation feature
With the help of which if you sign up on Facebook So if anyone around you needs a blood.
You will get a notification that allows you to donate blood to the person.

Facebook funder say Our research suggests that if people had better information and tools, more people. would donate and those in need could locate donors more quickly. With this new
feature, we hope to increase the number of blood donors and make it easier for
people and organizations to give and request blood donations. can go to facebook  to learn more and sign-up to be a blood donor.

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become a blood donor click here  facebook


Sign up to be a blood donor

Fill out a simple form with optional
information like blood group and whether
you’ve donated before.

Find blood donors

Create a special post to share important
information about your request and
connect with blood donors nearby

Donors nearby get notified

Nearby donors get a Facebook notification
about the request and can respond on
Messenger, WhatsApp or with a phone call


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