Health Tips – The sweeter the bee’s honey is, the more deadly its bite is. If the bee stings, then there is swelling in that place, as well as intense pain also starts, at times it causes fever due to the pain and poison effect, but tell you that the bee or other insect can harm Stings or bites not for oneself but in self-defense, there is poison in the sting of bees leading to infection in the body.

What Happens After Bee Sting?

Home Remedies For Bee Stings

A bee bite causes pain, sores or fever due to poisoning in its sting. According to Ayurveda, Vata dosha gets contaminated after bee bite.

Attentiveness should be observed in the removal of the bee on the cotton. That is to say, stings should not be used with tweezers or pointy things. A blunt object such as a credit card or butter knife (which does not have a sharp edge) should be gently scraped into the affected area to remove the sting. Avoid using tweezers or peaked as it can spread poison.

Symptoms of Bee Stings

Home Remedies For Bee Stings

Bee bites have other symptoms besides pain and swelling. Although everyone has different symptoms, some people have severe pain, some have swelling only in the affected area, some have turned red.

  • Burning and aching.
  • swelling.
  • redness.
  • Body temperature increases.
  • Ulti.
  • Cam.
  • dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Dest.
  • Objection.
  • Weakness.
  • Warning loss
  • Reducing blood pressure.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • stomach ache.

Treatment of bee stings:

Bee stings are considered extremely dangerous and sometimes people die due to bee bites. Bee stings cause poisoning in the body, due to which the body is at increased risk of various infections. So, bee bitten by the bee or when stinging, do not ignore it.

Treatment of bee stings Bee stings can also be treated by domestic methods and with the help of the remedies mentioned below, the sting venom can be completely eliminated. Bee stings are treated in some way, it is known as follows.

Home Remedies For Bee Stings

Home Remedies For Bee Stings

Apply honey:

Remedies For Bee Stings – Bee stings can also be treated with honey. Apply honey to the stinged area after bee bite. Applying honey paste provides instant relief and the poison does not spread in the body. Applying honey on the sting does not cause inflammation. You can also add turmeric inside honey and apply a paste of both these things.


If you ever get a bee bite, then rub the iron metal on the stinged area without delay. Rubbing the iron metal ends the poison and stings will come out.

Apply vinegar

Remedies For Bee Stings – Apple vinegar is also one of the bee sting remedies. When sting, you apply a little vinegar in cotton and place this cotton piece in the sting area. As soon as vinegar is applied, the sting will get relief and the swelling due to the sting will also sit down.

Apply ice

Ice can also be used to reduce the effects of stings. Under the treatment of bee stings, you tie an ice cloth to it and keep this cloth on the sting area for some time. Actually, the application of ice makes the part hear and the ice does not allow the toxins to spread. At the same time, the pain caused by the sting also reduces. So after the bee bite, keep rubbing the ice from time to time on the stinged area.

Antiseptic cream

Applying antiseptic cream does not spread poison and does not cause inflammation. First of all clean the affected part from the soap if sting. Then apply antiseptic cream on it. You will get relief from sting immediately. Apply this cream at least four times a day.

Baking soda

Remedies For Bee Stings -Baking soda can also be used to treat bee stings. Applying baking soda does not spread poison, reduces inflammation and provides relief from pain. Actually baking soda contains alkaline. Which eradicates the effect of poison and due to this, there is no harm to the body due to sting.


Use white toothpaste when bitten by the bee and apply it immediately to the stinged area. Toothpaste acts to reduce the acidic effect and applying it provides relief in pain and will also eliminate poison.


Remedies For Bee Stings -Bee stings can also be treated with lime. Alkaloids are found in high amounts in lime. Applying alkaloids prevents the sting venom from spreading. So after stinging, prepare a paste by adding a little lime to it. After that apply this paste well on the affected area. Apply this paste at least five times a day. You will get immediate rest.

Marigold flower

Very few people know about this treatment. The effect of sting is eliminated by applying the juice of marigold flower on the affected area on bee bite. In fact, antifungal elements are found in the juice of this flower, which kills the burning and swelling of the sting. When a sting takes a marigold flower, break its leaves and rub these leaves on the sting area. If you want, you can also prepare a paste by grinding the marigold flower and apply this paste on the sting.

Calamine lotion

Bee stings are also treated with lotion. Apply calamine lotion when the bee stings. Applying this will end the sting effect. Leave this lotion on the sting area for at least 1 hour. Reapply it after an interval of five hours.

Remedies For Bee Stings

The effect of a bee sting lasts for at least two days. At the same time, drinking milk containing turmeric proves to be effective when stinging, and the poison of sting is not spread in the body by drinking this milk. Therefore, in addition to the treatment of bee stings mentioned above on bee bite, also drink turmeric milk.


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