Dabur Immunity Kit  –  In the last five months, most people will have searched the most for things that increase immunity. There can be four types of immunity- first- immunity which comes from birth, second which immunity is adopted, third- artificial immunity, and last immunity which is mixed with hinges.

In recent times, foods that increase immunity, herbs, and brew have become a necessity. With the help of the principles of Ayurveda, we can take such herbs that can help in making immunity strong. This time we have reviewed Dabur’s Immunity Kit which has immunity-boosting products. Let’s take a look at these.

First Impression Dabur Immunity Kit

Dabur Immunity Kit Review

  • The Dabur Immunity Kit is priced at Rs 614 / – and comes in a simple brown and red color box. Some of the products in the box are as follows-
  • Dabur Chyawanprash – This is a dark, thick Ayurvedic healthy health supplement that helps increase strength, endurance, and immunity.
  • The Dabur Imudab- This syrup is an Ayurvedic option for antibiotics that help to increase immunity to fight infection.
  • The Stresscom- It helps in reducing anxiety.
  • Hannitas Syrup- The use of this syrup can help in controlling cough and sore throat.
  • Dabur Giloy’s Ghanavati – Its material has three defects – Vata, Peeta, and Kappa. The extract used to make these tablets have been extracted from Guduchi or Amrita, also known as Giloy.
  • Giloy Churna- Immunity helps to clear strong and blood.

According to Dabur’s website – This kit is designed to strengthen cough – cold, infection, healthy respiratory system, overall health, and immunity. Although it cannot be proved how effective these products are, the benefits of each and every material have been shown to the people. For example, ashwagandha has been used to make stresscom, which is known to reduce anxiety and has also been proven. But even then, before using these products, take the advice of a medical or Ayurvedic expert.

More about Dabur Immunity Kit Review

Dabur products, such as Chyawanprash, have been used to make immunity strong for many years in Hindustani homes. This kit is convenient and especially when everyone is looking for a natural product to make immunity strong with the help of Ayurveda’s simple home remedy. If you want to try Dabur’s product to make immunity strong, then you can try this kit. Read well about the product label and allergy information. Seek the advice of a doctor or Ayurvedic expert to eat daily and to be included in the diet.

We liked that the Stresscom tablet is also included. Whenever we talk about making immunity strong, then we forget that anxiety also has a bad effect on the body. We have liked the Dabur Immunity Kit because it is a complete kit with which the goodness of Ayurveda is easily available.


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