Benefits of lemon water – You know vitamin C from the lemon. But apart from this, lemon can prove to be very beneficial for you, if you are also unaware of these great benefits of lemon, then definitely read these 10 benefits of lemon –

10 incredible health benefits of lemon

Benefits of lemon water

Lemon is very effective in reducing your fat. Lemon and honey in hot water will reduce obesity while giving you plenty of energy. Not only this, it proves very useful in cleaning the internal organs of your body.

You can get rid of kidney stones by drinking rock salt mixed with lemon juice. At the same time, applying the lemon paste on the forehead provides relief in migraine pain. this also benefits of lemon water

Applying ground seeds of lemon on the head removes baldness and new hair starts growing. Apart from this, mixing lemon juice with almond oil is very beneficial in case of any type of wound.

Applying sandalwood and lemon juice paste on the face removes acne, and makes your face clean, spotless, and shiny. Applying lemon juice with gram flour on the face enhances the complexion.

Lemon juice helps to keep the blood pressure under control. Squeezing lemons in hot water and drinking it removes sore throat. Also, if a poisonous animal has bitten, then applying lemon juice there will not affect the poison.

Drinking lemonade is also effective in problems like stomach gas or indigestion. Using black salt with it gives great benefits.

To remove the yellowing of teeth, cutting lemon with salt and rubbing it on the teeth is very effective. This reduces tooth yellowing and causes teeth to glow.

In the condition of ringworm or itching, grinding the saline in lemon juice and applying it can eliminate this problem. It helps in eliminating the pathologies of skin diseases.

Lemon can help you even when there are problems with the gums. Applying lemon juice on bleeding gums provides relief and gums are cured.


Rubbing lemon on the nails makes them clean, strong and shiny. If you want to reduce the blackness of the elbows or hands, you can reduce it by rubbing lemon.


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