Arthritis pain – Scientists have invented a new method for detecting rheumatoid arthritis in the early stages of arthritis. He says that using the infrared light, this autoimmune disease can be detected not only at the beginning but also better monitored. There will be no need for any operation for this.

The immune system usually protects our body from diseases and infections. But in the people suffering from autoimmune disease, the immune system starts attacking healthy cells on the contrary. This leads to pain and swelling in joints etc. Now, this disease is investigated by blood tests and X-rays. It takes considerable time to analyze. With this in mind, the researchers from Birmingham University of Britain have developed this new technology. This method can be quickly and effectively examined.

Arthritis pain

The number of patients taking birth control (Joint) is on the increase in the number of patients of arthritis worldwide. Osteoarthritis is a common type of knee arthritis and is also called joints disease. The pain of arthritis is so fast that the person worries about moving and knees.

Better defense ( Arthritis pain )

There are several types of arthritis, such as osteo, rheumatoid, and gouty arthritis, etc. By following some suggestions you can get relief from the problem of arthritis.

Joint cartilage becomes impaired with increasing age. No one can stop the aging process. Osteoarthritis is a growing age, which is usually the problem that occurs after about 50 years. It is necessary to control weight to overcome this problem.

  • Exercise regularly. Exercise also strengthens the muscles with muscles
  • Keep your body’s posture right like avoid boils it. Do not climb stairs
  • Avoid excessively lubricated or fatty food


The pain of arthritis is so fast that the person has to worry about moving and knees. Swelling also occurs in the place of pain as well as pain in the knees. Your greatest sympathy is to get relief from this pain. Diet and home remedies. Let’s see how home remedies in arthritis are the safest treatments.


Home remedies that relieve pain ( Arthritis pain )

Arthritis pain

  • Balance the amount of water in the body
  • You can take sunbath during the pain
  • Massaging is also comfortable with red oil
  • Mix turmeric in hot milk and drink it twice a day
  • Massage the hot vinegar on the area affected by pain before sleeping
  • Make a powder of 5 to 10 grams of fenugreek seeds and take it with water in the morning.
  • Add 4 to 5 garlic buds in a bowl and boil and drink
  • Massaging the juice of garlic in camphor also provides relief from pain


Symptoms of Arthritis ( Arthritis pain )

Arthritis pain

  • Pain in the knees and joints
  • The body is often stagnant
  • Stomach ache in hair, face, etc.
  • Trouble on sitting in Indian toilets
  • In the morning, the joints and cramps are difficult
  • There is a lot of pain and pain in moving feet, moving hands and moving joints


Always remember ( Arthritis pain )

Arthritis pain

  • Exercise regularly
  • Do not see lathe TV
  • Take Calcium and Vitamin D Dose Initiative
  • Use cotton wool instead of soft mattresses
  • Bicycle, swimming, quick moves make life partner
  • Walking and seating postures should be correct
  • If we want to lift weights, instead of kneeling knees we should lift the weight
  • Make milk, curd, cheese, green leafy vegetables, dates, almonds, mushrooms and seafood doses.


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