FAU-G Game – Fearless United Guards Indian Game (FAU-G) is good news for the players, as it is not only limited to Android users on the game but now iPhone users will also enjoy the game. Yes, now the game has been launched on Apple’s App Store as well. This new game is working to compete with the most popular Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile in India. The Android version of this game became available from the first week of February and now the game has also become available for iOS users.

The FAU-G action game is listed on Apple’s App Store and the download size of this game is 643MB. To download and play this game, gamers must have at least iOS 10.0 or above and iPadOS 10.0 or above. This game is absolutely free on the Google Play Store, similarly, it is also absolutely free on the Apple App Store.

The game available on the App Store is absolutely free listed for the app download, but the game will have in-app purchases. Within the game, players can buy 30 coins by spending 89 rupees and 1200 coins by spending 899 rupees. The Android version of the FAU-G game crossed the 5 million-plus downloading mark in just 3 days after it became available on the Google Play store. However, there are still 5 million + downloads of the game. This game has a 3.2-star review rating out of 5.

FAU-G game

FAU-G mobile game now available for iPhone

PUBG Mobile was banned in the Indian market last year, citing India’s security and compatibility, including several Chinese apps. Currently, PUBG Mobile is trying to make a comeback in India. It is too early to say anything about whether this game will be able to make a comeback in India again or not. The way the sound of sarkara is being felt, then in view of that, the return of Pabji Mobile is in doubt.

At the same time, when you see the steps of the gaming company, it seems that it will be able to make a comeback in India because the company is looking at the investment plan and is also hiring the company on the strategy and other levels. If PUBG Mobile comes to India, then this game will get a special version for the country. In India, this game will come with a tight time limit and a lot of changes will be seen in this game, especially keeping in mind the young gamers.

More About FAU-G mobile

The FAU-G game was launched for Indian gamers on the occasion of Republic Day in India. Last year, many Chinese apps including PUBG mobile games were banned in the country, so since then, people were looking for another game. At the same time the teaser of FAU-G game came, then people started considering this game as a rival to PUBG Mobile. Talking about the FAU-G game, players are getting 3 point offers in this which are Campaign, Team Deathmatch, and Free Mode.

In this the game was given only the Campaign Mode initially and Team Deathmatch 5v5 Mode and Free for All Battle Royal Mode will be available in the next update. The game has started with a very simple and telling description of Galvan Valley. On the other hand, when it comes to checkpoints, this game seems quite difficult. The time limit placed on gamers in this game makes it more difficult to complete the stage.


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