Online Teacher Training Program – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will start a free online training program for teachers. This information has been given by a CBSE official. This official says that CBSE will start online teacher training programs for teachers. This course will be provided free of charge. On completion of this online teacher training program, teachers participating in it will be given an e-certificate. This online teacher training program will have several sessions which will be of one hour duration. Five sessions will be organized for teachers in one day training. The board says that there will be around 1200 online sessions for teachers under this program. This course will start in May itself.

Online Teacher Training Programs

 Online Teacher Training Program
It is worth noting that at present, the third phase of lockdown is going on in the country to protect against the corona virus, which is till May 17. Schools are closed due to lockdown and students are studying online through e-platform. In such a situation, CBSE is now bringing a special online training program for teachers which will be provided for free. The objective of this training program is to improve the skills of teachers.

It is clear that the Corona epidemic has completely disrupted the education system. Students are being taught online so that they can complete their studies. It is also true that many obstacles in online education from internet to smartphone are becoming a challenge for the students. An official of the CBSE board says that during this epidemic the education system is being digitally enhanced which is also the need of the hour.

Teachers can improve their learning outputs. Along with this, teachers are made aware of the facts related to life skills, class management, career guidance, value education etc. This session will be about two hours.

These subjects are being trained

Basic subjects like Mathematics, Hindi, English have been included in this training as well as subjects like classroom management, career guidance, life skills, stress management, IT. After taking training in these subjects, the teachers will implement it in their respective schools and will teach the children on the same basis in the ongoing online classes as well.


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