The Apple One More Thing event will take place at around 11.30 pm tonight. In this event, a new Mac computer can be introduced by Apple. But this time the new Mac computer is going to have something special. Yes, Apple will introduce a Mac computer based on its own processor for the first time. here’s is the full details about One More Thing Event

What will be special

Mac computers will be special in many ways. The company claims that it will be much faster, better performance than the rest of the computer. Also will consume very less power. Mac computers can be introduced with their own processors. Mac computers used to come with intel chipset. However, after the arrival of its chipset, the distance from the intel chip can be made by Apple. Apple had announced in June this year that the company would present the Mac computer with its chipset. Apple has been designing processors for its iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch for a long time. However, now the company is going to launch chipsets for computers.

One More Thing Event

What will be the benefit

The introduction of Apple’s own chipset will make it easier to put millions of apps from iPhone to Mac, which has been used only in smartphones till now. The iPhone’s chip has been drawn by computer architecture technology and developed by outside partners such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation and TSMC.

Ongoing work on the new chipset

The new silicon chip will be used by Apple to replace the itel chip, which the company has been using since 2006. Apple used to use the chip of International Business Machines Corporation before this. According to Johny Srouji, Vice President of Apple’s hardware technology, Apple’s chipset will get amazing performance. It will also consume less power. Microsoft Corp and Qualcomm Corp have been preparing to bring the Arm-based window laptops to the market for the last four years. Also, efforts are being done by Lenovo Group Ltd, Asustek Computer, and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

Apple Event Timing

Apple event timing, Livestream details Today’s Apple event will begin at 10 am PST (11:30 pm IST). Just like the previous two hardware-focussed events, as well as WWDC 2020, the event happening today will take place virtually from Apple Park. Apple will stream the event live through its dedicated Apple Events site, and on the Apple TV app as well as YouTube. You can also watch the Apple event live directly from the video embedded below.


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