Apple iMac 2021 – The All-New iMac 2021 line-up has been announced by Apple in the Apple Spring filled event. The new all-in-one Apple iMac has been introduced with a new design for the first time since 2012. This machine will join the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series with the powerful Apple M1. The new Apple iMac will cost $ 1,299. It will be available for sale in four color options. It will be available for sale in the second half of May. The new Apple iMac (M1 Chip) is priced at Rs 1,19,900 in India. It is priced at 8GB RAM and 128GB storage variants. While the 8GB + 256GB storage variant will be for Rs 1,39,900. While the 8GB + 512GB storage variant will be for Rs 1,59,900.

The company has made changes in the design of iMac after a long time. The new Mac PC is thinner than before and has also been introduced with an 8-core CPU with an M1 chip. Apple has also made available a new color variant in Mac. Along with this, the company has also made available a 1080p FaceTime camera on the front of iMac. The company offers a 24-inch retina display, 6-speaker setup, three microphones and offers studio-grade quality. In addition, it has four Thunderbolt ports. Along with this, the company buyers get the Magic Keyboard with the new iMac. Which has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Talking about the price of iMac 2021, it has been introduced in India at an initial price of Rs 1,19,900.

What will be special

Apple iMac 2021 – The new Apple iMac will get a completely new design, which will come with a much thinner frame. This will make iMac lightweight. Also, the edges will be visible. Its front surface will have a single sheet of glass. The new iMac will be available for sale in seven bright and vibrant colors. There will be support for the new M1 system-on A chip architecture. The M1 chip uses a small logic keyboard. It will be 11.5mm thin.

In such a situation, the new iMac can be comfortably fitted at home and office. The new Apple iMac will be available in many variants. There will be support for other features with a 4.5K display. Also, a brand new camera has been given. Apart from this, new microphones and powerful new speakers have been given. The new iMac will come with Apple’s spatial audio support. The company claims that the best speakers have been used in it.


iMac macOS will come with Big Sur. According to Apple’s claim, the new Apple iMac will be 85 percent faster. Its GPU performance will be twice as fast as before. In the new iMac, faster photo and video editing can be done than before. iMac will support iPhone and iPad apps such as Headspace and games such as Sky. There will be a new power connected with 4 USB C ports, which can be connected magnetically. The iMac will come with Touch ID and Apple’s magic mouse and magic trackpad support.

Apple iMac 2021

iMac 2021 with M1 ports The 2021 24-inch iMac comes with 4 USB-C connectors, two of these are standard USB-C ports, but the other two are Thunderbolt ports, with greater bandwidth and power delivery for supporting external devices and charging devices. It’s all USB-C now. The one exception to this is the inclusion of an Ethernet jack, but it’s not on the machine itself. Instead, Apple has built LAN connectivity into the power adapter, letting you plug your Ethernet cable into a port on the power brick, which then connects to the iMac through the color-matched braided cable that runs between the brick and the all-in-one. What’s gone from the new iMacs? HDMI and SD card slots, along with standard USB 2.0 connections. It’s worth noting that all of these connections are offered on the M1-powered Mac mini, so it’s purely a design decision, not the result of hardware changes.


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