Holi Safety Tips in Hindi: Remove Holi Colors – We all love to play colors in Holi. This is also an old tradition. But do you know that the most problem comes when you remove these colors? People take many measures to get rid of colors but they fail. But you can easily remove the colors at home with the help of home remedies. But for that, you need to know about home remedies. Domestic packs are very effective for getting the colors of Holi. To remove the color of Holi, we are telling you in detail about domestic tips.

Home Pack to Getting Rid of Holi colors

Remove Holi Colors

Hair pack

If you want your hair to shine as before after Holi, you should mix a little milk powder and a little milk in a banana and dissolve it in the mixie, when the pack is completely ready then add honey to it . Apply this pack well on the hair and leave the hair open in the air for 20-25 minutes and then wash the hair. Your hair will start to shine as before and after Holi, you will also be saved from hair problems.

Use scrub

Remove Holi Colors – Grind four to five pulses and rice kept at home well. Use a little milk or curd in it. Add few drops of lemon and oil. Apply this scrub on the body or wherever there is too much color, apply it on those parts. You can also add sandalwood to this scrub if you want. Apply this scrub for at least 5-10 minutes and then gently scrub it with a mild wet cloth. During scrub, cucumbers can be used to soak the pack.

Make yogurt pack

If your colors are not too dark and you do not want to work too hard, then you can also massage on the colored parts with curd, you can also mix gram flour or flour, gram flour, etc. in it.

  • Mix two teaspoons, honey, in half a banana and mix milk cream and apply this pack on the skin, it will easily get rid of your complexion.
  • Take a piece of raw papaya and massage it thoroughly on the skin. These also serve as a good pack.
  • If you want, put sugar or salt on the lemon and massage the colored parts on the body.

Waterproof pack

You apply oil before Holi, but if you put makeup on it, you will look beautiful. You should apply waterproof makeup to avoid the effects of Holi colors and to get rid of color quickly. Apply makeup on the entire face and then apply powder.

Eye Pack

Remove Holi Colors – Eye makeup will protect your eyes from colors and you will soon be able to remove the color that goes into the eyes. You need to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner. You can also apply mascara, it will also make you look beautiful and you will not have any side effects of colors.

lips Pack

When colors are applied on the face, the lips can also get worse. Lips can be dry, your lips may crack. Use lip balm to rid Holi colors from lips. You should also use lip balm before Holi. You should also use glossy lipstick.


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