Health tips – Hair fall is a serious problem these days. If you want to diagnose this problem, start 5 yoga exercises, your hair fall will definitely decrease –

1 Spinal cord

Spinal cord blood circulation is effective in delivering extra oxygen to the brain, which is possible to solve the many problems of the brain together. The problem of hair is also attached to the upper part of the brain so it will be beneficial to graft.


2 Glove –

hair fall – This is also one type of regimen, which eliminates the problems associated with stress and the nervous system. One cause of hair fall problem can be stressful and nervous problems, so it is beneficial.


3 Headache –

Headache improves blood circulation in the head and the whole body and eliminates the symptoms, which reduces hair loss automatically and increases in them.


4 All-around Asana –

Throughout the posture, it helps in transferring blood to the head better, thereby also causing hair loss and better development.


5 False Swasan –

hair fall – With this posture, your blood circulation is good, which can reduce hair fall and also do it, it also benefits in diseases such as cold, cough or sinus.

6. Vajrasana Position for Hair Fall Control (hair fall )

  1. Sit on the floor with your back straight and legs stretched out in front. Place your hands, palms down, by your side.
  2. Slowly fold your legs, one by one, and place them under your thighs. You should be resting on your ankles.
  3. Keep your hands on your thighs. Relax and breathe slowly.
  4. To return to the original position slowly straighten your legs.
  5. This is the only asana that can be done right after eating.

7. Sarvangasana Position for Hair Fall Control (hair fall )

  1. Lie on the floor with your legs stretched out.
  2. Fold your legs and slowly raise them straight.
  3. Support your back and hips with your hands, and try and raise your body while balancing on your shoulders. Your elbows should be on the floor.
  4. Continue breathing evenly and bring your chin into your chest.
  5. Return to the original position slowly until you are lying flat again.

8. Sasangasana Position for Hair Fall Control (hair fall )

  1. Sit down with your knees on the floor while resting on your heels.
  2. Place your hands behind and clasp your heels.
  3. Move forward until your head is touching the floor. At the same time raise your hips while breathing evenly.
  4. Hold this position until five breaths.
  5. Exhale and slowly return to the starting position.

9. Ustrasana

  1. Sit with your knees on the floor andlegs extended back, forming a right angle with your thighs.
  2. Slowly bend backward and try and hold your heels with your hands.
  3. Look up at the ceiling to fully stretch your spine.
  4. Exhale while slowly coming back to the starting position.

10. Matsyasana
(hair fall )

  1. Lie straight keeping your legs together. Your hands should be under your thighs with the palms facing downwards.
  2. Slowly pull your upper torso up, dropping your head behind until the crown touches the ground.
  3. Breathe in deeply and hold the position for 5 breaths.


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