Social Media Challenges – December is going to see off in just 2-3 days and 2019 is the year we are going to welcome with our open hands so here we have listed some of the challenges that made our 2018 with so many colors that we are now missing that phase where everything was a rage. Here are 10 challenges that became quite a rage on social media and ruled our 2018 and now we are looking forward to 2019


Famous Social Media Challenges

10. Neymar Challenge

Social Media Challenges – Neymar’s famous expression on the World Cup tournament became so rage on social media that everyone who is playing soccer just screams Neymar with that they do this impression which is hilarious to watch.


9. Snoot Challenge

Social Media Challenges – Snoot Challenge where they put a hand on their dog’s snoot which looks quite adorable to see and the people with their puppies tried this challenge on their pet where some failed to do so with their dog.


8. Dele Alli Challenge

Social Media Challenges – This challenge became a sensation on social media when Dele Alli did this thing with his hand that made all his fans to do this same thing and it became a quiet rage on social media.


7. Karma Challenge

Social Media Challenges – The karma challenge first started on Tik Tok app where every potential talented people display their work on this app and in that the Karma challenge was a big hit.


6. Kiki challenge

Social Media Challenges – Kiki Challenge was a 2018’s most famous challenge where everyone from celebs to old people and youngster tried this challenge. Well, it had to make it stop because of the incidents that happened because of this challenge.


5. Invisible Challenge

Social Media Challenges – This challenge started when magician Justin tried this trick on a person and made him believe he is invisible and this challenge became viral on the internet as you can see on this video.


4. Fluff Challenge

Social Media Challenges – This fluff challenge where they put a blanket in fronr=t of their dog and then in the blink of an eye they disappear which make their dogs wander and search for them. This challenge became famous on social media and every dog owner doing this challenge.


3. Shoot Dance Challenge

Social Media Challenges – This challenge became a range where the dancers show off their skills and after that, they are challenging their other friends with this same steps to follow.


2. Makeup Challenge

Social Media Challenges – If you see social media apps which are now filled with various trends and the most famous one is the makeup challenge where you can see many people showing their makeup pro.

1. Falling Stars Challenge

Social Media Challenges – This is the challenge where all the youngsters show off their luxury or their favorite thing falling into their ground which became a quite a range on social media.


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