best Wedding Outfits – There are many wedding outfits which look so dazzling and different that makes us think why not go for a different tradition while getting married rather than sticking to a conventional one. Here we have provided you some wedding outfits from all around the world where the couple who are getting married have to wear it according to their traditions. These outfits look so amazing that you already wished you wore one right away.


TOP 10 best Wedding Outfits in the world



We have so many different countries, different people, different traditions and each one of them have different customs and traditions. Here we have listed some different wedding attires of people which look so dazzling. Japanese have a unique wedding and their outfits are unconventional too where the bride wears many attires which should be in white and red color. best Wedding Outfits in the world



A wedding attire of people here is an expression of happiness. They believe in a colorful palette and their wedding dress is out there for everyone to see. Ther national cloth consists of different colors and patterns and the family should have their own clothing pattern.


Sri Lanka

In every wedding occasion people are always eager to know what the bride is wearing but in Sri Lankan traditional wedding you can’t take your eyes off the Wedding Outfits



Indian outfits have two main colors during their wedding while the bride is expected to wear either red or pink mainly. On the other hand, the groom has to wear white or off-white color. Indian brides have to wear red mark on their head to claim that she is married.



Pakistan and Indian outfits look slightly similar whereas on their wedding green and red are the important color for their traditional outfits. best Wedding Outfits –


Indonesian weddings have different ethnic groups and 6 major religions and they have different attires. This country majorly has various cultures and civilization. This can be seen in the wedding attire of the couples.



In China, the bride and the groom wear traditional red wedding outfits and no other colors. The bride has to wear the red veil and after the wedding the groom removes it.


South Korea

South Korean traditional wedding attire looks pretty beautiful where the couple has to wear the hat and both of their outfits resemble a God and a Goddess.



Bali wedding looks so intriguing as the bride and the groom wear a detailed attire that can really amaze anyone. With their outfits, they have to wear the headgear which should be in gold color.


In a Nigerian wedding, the bride always chooses her own bright color for the wedding and the head tie while the groom’s outfit is in sync with the bride’s outfit. best Wedding Outfits –


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