The trend of drinking liquor has been in the human genes right from the start of civilization. The buck continues till date where one can lay hands on multiple varieties of drinks. All scotch is whisky, but not all whisky is scotch.’ Scotch is a pure and refined beverage which was originally made from malted barley. Whisky was made from wheat and rye when it was first introduced in the late 18th century. Scotch whisky is a legalized term created to protect whisky made in Scotland. By law, scotch whisky has to be distilled and matured in oak casks for at least three years. Best Whisky in India

Top 10 Best Whisky in India 2019

Best Whisky in India

10. 8 PM Whisky

Best Whisky in India

When the clock strikes 8 PM, India’s “Thaath” reaches a crescendo. No wonder, 8 PM is the first brand in the liquor industry to make it to the LIMCA book of records for selling one million cases in the first year of its launch. Launched as a flagship brand of Radico, 8 PM exhibits an unparalleled brand experience for its loyal customers, giving them a taste of real “Thaath”. Made with the finest quality grain, new 8 PM is an epitome of lavishness and quality drinking.

8 PM Whisky Alcohol Percentage

Similar to the other whisky brands in india, it is the drink of choice for many whisky drinkers that prefer a stronger drink that delivers a potent buzz. This blended whisky carries an alcohol strength of 42.8%.

Size (ml) Retail Price
 375 155
 750 310

9. Director’s Special Whisky

Best Whisky in India

Director’s Special has a rich and mature taste. This is the result of mixing hand picked barley and malt. Another Premium version of Director’s Special Whisky is the DSP Black Whisky with an exceptional malt that has been blended to an exquisite smoothness. This also in Best Whisky in India list

Size (ml) Retail Price
 375 175
 750 350

8. Blenders Pride Whisky

Best Whisky in India

Blenders Pride Whisky is one of the most famous whisky brands in India. For those who enjoy a drink at any moment of their life, Blenders Pride is the one that is on the top of the list. Today, it commands around 55% of the market in the premium whisky segment in India.

The product of blending some of the finest Scotch malts imported from the Chivas Brothers, and blending them with the most excellent Indian grain spirits, Blenders Pride deservedly dominates its segment by an impressive majority. Blenders are also in the list of Best Whisky in India

7. Bagpiper Gold Whisky

Best Whisky in India

One of the oldest domestic whisky brands in India, Bagpiper Whisky is also quite an enduring whisky, being in the business since 1976 with voluminous sale proportions to this day. Bagpiper Whisky has highly affordable pricing and also has easy availability across the country. It is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd., a subsidiary of Diageo India. Renowned for their TV advertisements before the turn of the Millen

6. Black Label whisky

Best Whisky in India

The deluxe blended whisky from the house of Johnnie Walker, Black Label alongside the Red Label is one of the oldest expressions from the brand. Christened with the name Black Label in 1909 prior to which it was known as the Extra Special Old Highland Scotch Whisky.

5. Original Choice Whisky

Best Whisky in India

Original Choice is a brand of blended Indian whisky from the house of John Distilleries, one of India’s leading regional whisky players based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.

It is an immensely successful local whisky brand and is not only one of India’s but also the world’s largest selling whisky brands. The brand retains astonishing popularity in the market, and its sales figures account for nearly 90% of its company’s revenue. This also in Best Whisky in India list

4. Officers Choice Whisky

Best Whisky in India

Launched in 1988 and positioned in the regular whiskey segment, Officer’s Choice Whisky is one of the largest whisky brands in the world and also one of the largest exported spirits brands with a presence in over 18 countries. This also in Best Whisky in India list

3. Imperial Blue Whisky

Best Whisky in India

Imperial Blue Whisky, also known as Seagram’s Imperial Blue is one of the most popular and iconic whisky brands in India. It is a blend of imported scotch malts and fine Indian grain spirits. Like all whiskies in India, Imperial Blue has an alcohol percentage of 42.8% and is available in multiple package sizes such as 90ml, 180ml, 375ml and 750ml.

2.Royal Stag Whisky

Best Whisky in India

Royal Stag Whisky, also popularly known as Seagram’s Royal Stag is an iconic brand among the spirits brands of India. The brand redefined the spirits space in India by offering an international quality blend, pioneering the grain spirit blended with Scotch malts revolution. Today Seagram’s Royal Stag enjoys a fiercely loyal consumer franchise built on not just an excellent blend but a tagline that encapsulates a modern India – “MAKE IT LARGE”

1. McDowells No. 1 Whisky

Best Whisky in India

McDowell’s No.1 Whisky is an exquisitely smooth blend of imported Scotch, select Indian malts and premium grain spirits. The brand purpose for McDowell’s No. 1 today is to enable friends to celebrate the bonds of true brotherhood. To build closer connects and build stronger aspiration among our consumers, McDowell’s No.1 has refreshed its brand identity and packaging to move forward from its existing imagery and embed the brand with strong markers of close friendship and brotherhood. The new McDowell’s No.1 brand identity is represented through a simple yet powerful and unique logo that represents how close friends ‘hug’ each other. This also in Best Whisky in India list


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